Our Mission

Mission Statement:

Our maternity home community is designed to welcome and guide women, who are pregnant and in crisis. We have created a pathway to parenting, housing, health, healing, and independence. Our maternity home community, along with our community partners, are dedicated to each family we serve. Our hope is to end homelessness, break the generational cycle of poverty and empower women to live a productive life.

Our Vision:

Vita Nova provides the resources and programs, building on our documented foundation of success, to serve women in crisis in our community. Through the power of love and compassion, we will be a beacon of hope for our community and a model of excellence for the country. We will continue to focus on solutions that work.

Our Values:

We will demonstrate and model responsible parenting, a culture of love and acceptance, respect and dignity to ourselves and others, while providing opportunities that will change lives forever. Vita Nova is dedicated to support the physical, spiritual, and mental wellness of those we serve.