The effect of maternity homes on housing stability

The University of Notre Dame, Leo Wilson Sheehan Lab Economic Development is partnering with the National Maternity Home Coalition (NMHC) to study the effect of maternity homes on housing stability and measures of well-being for the mother and child. Five maternity homes were selected to participate in this research project. When Vita Nova is officially open and operating at capacity, we will join this research endeavor and participate in the long-range study of maternity home effectiveness.

Tracking resident and alumni goals, milestones and successes

Implement the Vita Nova Measurement Initiative (VNMI) to track resident and alumni goals, milestones, successes, and key data points. We will evaluate and measure outcomes in the following areas: Housing and Community Engagement, Income, Addiction and Recovery, Health and Wellness, Education and Employment Markers, Pre- and Post-Natal Care.