Suzanne Rogert

Executive Director

Suzanne Rogert is an accomplished professional and a beacon of hope for countless women in crisis. A proud alumna of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, where she majored in Political Science, Suzanne’s journey into the nonprofit realm is characterized by over twenty-five years of dedicated service that has led her to Vita Nova to provide maternity assistance for women in the Omaha area.

Suzanne’s extensive background includes roles at the Children’s Hospital & Medical Center Foundation, The Omaha Hearing School, and The Ronald McDonald House. These experiences and advocacy as an aide and lobbyist in the Nebraska Unicameral highlight her dedication to effecting positive change. Stepping into Vita Nova, Suzanne’s mission is shaped by the unwavering commitment of its founders, Jessica and Jerry. She envisions the organization as more than just a refuge; it’s a transformative force with the potential to combat homelessness and break poverty’s chains.

Immersed in Omaha’s philanthropic community, Suzanne’s approach is defined by building solid partnerships and galvanizing community support. Her leadership ethos is rooted in transparency, honesty, and gratitude; hallmarks that promise to propel Vita Nova’s mission of maternity assistance in Omaha and throughout Nebraska. As she charts the organization’s path forward, Suzanne’s overarching message to the community and stakeholders is unequivocal: Vita Nova aims to support and empower every pregnant woman in crisis in Omaha through maternity assistance, ensuring they recognize their inherent worth and potential.

Kristin Lundgren

Director of Development

Kristin Lundgren is an experienced philanthropic professional with a passion for supporting non-profits and recognized for building authentic and meaningful relationships within the community. Her ability to identify and cultivate long-term partnerships while successfully matching donors’ interests with giving opportunities will contribute to the success of Vita Nova Maternity.


Prior to Vita Nova, Kristin was Director of Events and Sponsorships at Nebraska Children and Families Foundation for six years. She played an instrumental role in advancing the foundation’s mission through annual events and campaigns making a difference in the lives of children and families across Nebraska.


Starting over 20 years ago, Kristin has had a desire to help individuals and organizations through volunteerism. She’s held board positions across several Omaha non profit organizations which stands as a testament to Kristin’s dedication and lifelong vision to invest in and give back to her community. Presently, she serves on the boards of Learning for All and Parsen Foundation. Kristin’s hope is to not only serve pregnant women in crisis in Omaha through this maternity assistance program but to inspire others to do the same.