Implementing Solutions

Through passion and determination, Vita Nova’s residential maternity program in Papillion focuses on implementing solutions that work for vulnerable pregnant women and families within our community and will hopefully provide a blueprint for the nation. We recognize the need, have created a solution and welcome women into an environment of growth, unconditional love, and support. The goal of our residential assistance program for pregnant mothers is to end the generational spiral of homelessness, poverty, addiction, abuse and empower women to live a healthy and productive life.

Rigorous Research

Driven by fervor and commitment, Vita Nova is dedicated to conducting thorough research to develop effective solutions for vulnerable pregnant women and families in both our local community and across the nation. Acknowledging the imperative, we have devised a comprehensive solution and extend a welcoming environment for women, fostering growth, unconditional love, and support. Our overarching objective is to break the cycle of generational challenges, including homelessness, poverty, addiction, and abuse, by empowering women to lead healthy and productive lives.