Introducing Our New Executive Director

Suzanne Rogert
Executive Director

Hailing from Blair, Nebraska, Suzanne Rogert is an accomplished professional and a beacon of hope for countless women in crisis. A proud alumna of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, where she majored in Political Science, Suzanne’s journey into the nonprofit realm is characterized by over twenty-five years of dedicated service.

Having previously contributed her expertise to esteemed establishments like the Children’s Hospital & Medical Center Foundation, The Omaha Hearing School, The Ronald McDonald House, and The Arthritis Foundation, Suzanne has consistently proven her commitment to creating positive change. Her tenure in the Nebraska Unicameral as an aide and lobbyist further demonstrates her adeptness at navigating complex systems and her passion for advocacy.

At the heart of Suzanne’s drive lies a simple yet profound vision: to position Vita Nova as a trusted haven for women navigating the most vulnerable junctures of their lives. She’s inspired daily by the unwavering commitment of Jessica and Jerry, who recognize the profound importance of securing safe housing, jobs, and a relentless support system for women and their children. Suzanne firmly believes in the power of Vita Nova to not only reshape individual lives but also to play a pivotal role in mitigating the broader issues of homelessness and cyclical poverty.

Having been immersed in Omaha’s vibrant philanthropic community for over two decades, Suzanne is poised to leverage her extensive network, which spans healthcare leaders, influential business executives, committed volunteers, and numerous beneficiaries. Her leadership style, underscored by honesty, transparency, and gratitude, is set to catalyze the mission of Vita Nova.

Suzanne envisions a collaborative future, partnering with local organizations and harnessing the power of volunteers. But beyond the tangible, her message to Vita Nova’s supporters and the broader community is deeply resonant: The transformative journey Vita Nova offers is unparalleled in the Omaha region, promising not just aid but empowerment, ensuring every woman knows, perhaps for the first time, that she is undeniably supported.

Suzanne Rogert is not just leading an organization; she’s spearheading a movement of hope, change, and unwavering support.